Mineral Resource Estimation

Miners use geological models to define and delineate the structure, grade, geometry, boundaries, and ultimately the estimated tonnage of a geological deposit. The development of a typical geological model requires a considerable amount of downhole geophysical data in and around the orebody to accurately describe it.

Surtech Systems can provide a variety of these measurements by deploying downhole geophysical instruments into drilled holes. The data acquired using Surtech’s logging tools can then be fed, in many cases, directly in the geological model.

Depending on the resource, the following are some of the properties that Surtech can measure:

  • Magnetic Susceptibility, especially useful hen characterising iron ore geological deposits.
  • Natural Gamma and Spectral Gamma for determining mineral composition and formation tops.
  • Bulk Density, a key component to estimate the tonnage of the orebody.
  • Borehole Images to get structural information about the orebody.
  • Rock Slowness, used to determine mechanical properties of the rock such as Poison’s ratio, Shear and Young Modulus.
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