Bore Water Quality Evaluation (Fluid Logging)

Surtech Systems provide a range of downhole bore water quality services, including: measurements, evaluation, detection of flow, and regional groundwater movement.

The following measurements (or services) are available to study water quality:

  • Pressure and Temperature Logs
  • Formation and Fluid Conductivity Logs
  • Oxygen, PH and Redox Log
  • Bore Water Sampling for subsequent laboratory testing
  • Flowmeter Log

Bore Water Quality evaluation is achieved by using a series of wireline deployed tools, with a final job report showing each of these wireline logs.

These services can be applied to the following areas:

  • Seawater Intrusion Studies
  • Lateral groundwater movement
  • Monitoring of landfill sites (leachate flow)
  • Hydrochemical Analysis
  • Collecting fluid Samples for lab analysis
  • Periodic water quality checks
  • In flow conditions (artesian or pump induced): detection of yield
  • In fissured formations: identification of what is contributing to the yield
  • Cross-flow in the bore penetrating multiple aquifers (cascading and seepage)
Ruslan Nuriakhmetov IMG 6053 Bore Water Quality 1