Bore Seal Evaluation (Construction Logging)

Bore integrity can impact groundwater levels, flow rates, and flow directions and can also lead to changes in groundwater quality. Hence, casing inspection is a crucial task in monitoring and management of wellbores in water resources. The bore seal is also an integral component of the bore construction and ensuring there is no flow occurring between aquifers and zonal isolation exists. Comprehensive Casing Integrity Inspection and bore seal evaluation is an approach developed by Surtech Systems to inspect and evaluate various parameters of the casing both qualitatively and quantitatively in a continuous manner along the wellbore.

These parameters include but are not limited to:

  • Multi-arm Caliper Log for casing internal diameter measurement
  • Corrosion detection (inner and outer wall)
  • Casing thickness evaluation
  • Metal loss estimation
  • Scaling and mineralization
  • Casing/Screen slot inspection (aperture and length)
  • Defect and collapse detection
  • Behind PVC casing inspections
  • Casing Bond Log for the determination of the amount of bonding between the steel casing and the cement grout
  • Variable Density Log for the determination of the amount of bonding between the cement grout and formation
  • Multi-arm Caliper log
David Hopper bore seal evaluation 2

With this service, different technologies are utilised to inspect the integrity of the downhole installations, including casing, screen, bore seal, and packers.

Final deliverables to the client include a comprehensive report on the main observations of casing conditions, such as: defects, scale build up, corrosion, and casing deformation. This also includes a qualitative cement bond evaluation, summarising any possible issues such as channelling behind the casing or free pipe.

Main applications of this evaluation product are:

  • Inspection of old casings for damage, deformation, or metal loss
  • Checking the cement grout or seal condition of bore
  • Qualifying the bore for commissioning
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